Guided Tours


Information regarding the guided tours on Friday November 17. at 9-11. Sign up for the tours in the registration form along with your conference registration.

Sign-in for the conference is possible between 10-12.30, and can be done either before or after the chosen guided tour. The sign in stall will also be manned throughout the day, so it is possible to arrive outside the main sign-in timeslot.


Tour 1: Sustainability walking tour of the Nørrebro district of Copenhagen with GoGreen Copenhagen (maximum capacity: 50 people). The guided tour is particularly designed for the participants at the ELLS conference, and will last approximately 1-1½ hours. More information regarding time and meeting point is sent directly to those who sign up.

GoGreen Copenhagen will show you around the diverse district of Nørrebro, showing some of the green city planning and initiatives taking place in this area.


Tour 2: Tour by Frederiksberg municipality with focus on climate change adaption (Maximum capacity: 50 people)

The municipality of Frederiksberg is taking various measures to adapt to climate change, and this tour will take you through some of the beatiful parts of this independent part of Copenhagen, seemingly regular but hiding different technological advances to accommodate the changes in weather experienced in this part of the world.

The tour is organized by the office of the city hall of Frederiksberg.


Tour 3: Tour of the newly erected Copenhagen Plant Science Centre at SCIENCE

This year a new building was finalized at SCIENCE, housing part of the Department for Plant and Environmental Sciences. The new Copenhagen Plant Science Centre is also where the poster presentations will take place, and is a beautiful new addition to the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Science.


Tour 4: Tour of the Department of Food Science

The department of Food Science is located close by the conference venue, and students from the field will take you on a tour through the facilities found at the premises. To the extend possible, researchers from the department will be rpesent to tell about the current areas of research at the department.  


Tour 5: Tour of the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management

Located close by the conference venue, is part of the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management. Take a tour around the premises, and learn about some of the facilities and initiatives taking place at this department. Students from the department will be in charge of the tour.