Opportunities and Challenges of Gender and Diversity in Life Science Universities


Date: 17.11.2017

Time: 10.00 – 11.30

Target group

Participants in the annual ELLS meeting/conference on November 16.-17. 2017


Liv Baisner, Marie  and colleagues from University of Southern Denmark

Keynote speakers ahead of workshops

First: Prof. MD. Liselotte Højgaard from the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Second: Dr. Bettina Bock, from Wageningen University, Department of Social Sciences


Create an opportunity for the participants to relate the keynote speakers to their own institutions and policies.

Exchange experience between the participants in the context of ELLS.


Creating awareness of intercultural diversity – the case of BOKU

Working actively to eliminate gender barriers and ensure equal opportunities - the case of Hohenheim Structural changes for gender equal recruitment to tenure track positions – the case of UCPH


Interview with selected participants based on a case from their home university

Expected output:

Increased knowledge of other members' experiences in the area